Decca Design Inc. – 20th Anniversary

Decca Design Inc. – 20th Anniversary

Where has the time gone?



It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Decca Design Inc. first opened its doors.

The journey has allowed us to enhance your homes and businesses and build lifelong relationships. And for that we are truly grateful.

Many changes have taken place over this time period. We have been able to expand our team, our portfolio and our community.

The original focus was residential design which quickly evolved into commercial design and later into a specialized niche in medical/dental design.

We continue to support the Purses of Hope as an outreach to help women in need and our way of giving back to our community.

This anniversary brings a time of reflection and an excitement for the opportunities to establish new goals and continue to help people live their best lives in ideal personalized surroundings.

We have reached this milestone with a great family of support.


Our clients: We wish to extend our sincere appreciation for trusting us with your space and allowing us to help you realize your ideas.


Our team members: It is with your dedication, support and continual creativity that we can reach new targets and impact more lives.


Our suppliers and contractors: You embody the spirit of teamwork. We admire your commitment, integrity and the quality workmanship you deliver on each project.



We are excited to create amazing and inspiring spaces for years to come.

Check out our website at for our latest successes.

Above all else…

Thank you!

The Decca Team


Why does the Decca Design team love design?

Why does the Decca Design team love design?

Judi says “I love design because it is all around us!  It inspires us; we become aware of doing things in a different way. Creativity flows!”

Her passion inspires further business development and marketing efforts at Decca Design Inc. Judi is an outdoor enthusiast enjoying hiking and biking and extensive travel.





Katherine is the first friendly contact in your communications with Decca Design Inc.  She too has a creative interest in cooking, biking and traveling. 

When asked “what design means to her she had this to say: “I love collaborating with our team in choosing color and specifications for both the aesthetic and functionality aspects.  One of my favorite past times is spent on the Houzz website and poring over Home Decor magazines.  The greatest part of all is to hear that our clients love their spaces!”



All team members share the same values and commitment to excellence.  Their efforts do not go unnoticed in the detailed assembly of each Decca Design Inc. project.

We appreciate hearing your thoughts and “What’s on your Design Mind”?

Why does the Decca Design Team love design?

Why does the Decca Design Team love design?

As the two most senior members of the Decca Design Inc. team, both Jenn and Jann have been invaluable to the growth and experience of our firm.

Jenn Cross believes:

“Design is fluid.  It is ever changing and no two designs are ever the same.  It opens the opportunity for expression and allows us to take someone’s vision and turn it into a reality.  Sometimes the end result even surprises us! I am proud to be part of this industry.”

She enjoys entertaining and traveling when not at work and like most team members she enjoys the art of cooking.





Jann too is no stranger to the kitchen.

The team can be found discussing their latest adventures in the kitchen or exc

hanging recipes over lunch.  She has recently found a new attraction to Pickle Ball to compliment her golfing and traveling excursions.  While Jann manages the accounting components of your design project, this does not lessen her love of design.

“I love that design can be handled by the professionals!  I am happy and trusting in their ideas for my space! It is never boring being a part of this design team.”

Until next time –  let us know “What’s on your Design Mind?”


Foothills Academy 40th Anniversary

Foothills Academy 40th Anniversary

At Decca Design Inc. we believe in the power of education. We follow the adage “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish you feed him for life”

We are a proud supporter of the Foothills Academy. This year they will celebrate 40 years “ Ensuring that students with learning disabilities (LD) are celebrated and supported to reach their full potential”. Decca Design will be donating to their fall gala and their fundraising efforts.

They were featured in the “Business in Calgary” magazine, November 2019.

To read further visit:

For more information on the Foothills Academy you can visit their website

Foothills Academy

745 37 Street NW

Calgary, AB T2N 4T1

Phone: 403-270-9400


Family Violence Awareness

Family Violence Awareness

Family Violence Hurts Everyone

November is Family Violence Awareness Month

Family violence is Complex

Family violence includes physical, verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse, neglect, stalking or being kept from seeing other people or forced to stay in one place.

It is difficult to obtain a complete picture of the extent of family violence in Alberta because it often remains hidden. Victims experience isolation, shame, embarrassment and humiliation. Victims may stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid the violence may escalate if they leave, or because friends and family may not support their decision to leave.

…. Taken from “Family violence hurts everyone: A framework to end family violence in Alberta. Prepared by the Alberta Government.

Everyone deserves to be free from family violence and be able to experience the healthy relationships that are a foundation to healthy lives.

Everyone has role in ending family violence.

Wear a purple ribbon to support and bring awareness to family violence.

Have you visited our website before?

Have you visited our website before?

You may notice that it will look different this time. We have recently updated our website with a new design, new features and a new interactive navigation for a better user experience.

Our gallery has been sorted into categories and has a search tool to help you narrow your inquiry. With over 700 images we hope that you can find inspiration and we look forward to hearing from you through our latest “contact Us” page. Our goal is to foster improved communication with our clients.

The newest addition is a blog. The “Design Mind” is our way to update our content regularly with relevant helpful information, articles and new product links. We hope this will be a resource for you our friends and clients to better get to know Decca Design Inc. and our team members.

We hope you like what you see and easily find the information you are looking for.

If you are a new visitor to our website, Welcome!

Whether you are looking for information, inspiration or ways to contact us please don’t hesitate to reach out. We at Decca Design Inc. want to know how we can be of service.

Thank you and what’s on your design mind?

Why Give Back?

Why Give Back?

As a business and as a team, Decca Design Inc. believes it is essential to give back to our community and the people that support us.  In this modern day, we need to be aware of how our activities are affecting others.

  • Are we being mindful of the effects of our actions?
  • Are we finding ways to support our team internally?
  • Can we find avenues to embrace those in need outside of our company?

In 2011, we first embarked on a mission to collect gently used purses and fill them with feminine essentials.  We put the call out to our outstanding Architectural reps who responded with outpouring support.  These gifts of hope were distributed through many organizations focused on helping women.

Today Decca Design Inc. continues to be a proud sponsor and drop-off location during the annual Purses of Hope campaign.

These campaigns continue to grow and reach many women.  Thanks to the never ending efforts and determination of Judy Anderson and Betty Wasyluk.  For more information on the “Purses of Hope” please visit:

We will once again launch our cookbook “Tasty Designs” and all proceeds will benefit the “Purses of Hope”.  To inquire further, please contact the office at 403.230.1014 or email us at

Purses of Hope Logo

With grateful hearts – please share “What’s on your Design Mind?”

Why does Keith love design?

Why does Keith love design?

“Design unleashes the creativity within me”

Since his early childhood growing up on Lake of the Woods in Ontario, he has always pursued creative outlets. The idea of creating something that wasn’t originally there is exciting. From drywaller to framer to carpenter and general contractor, he has found avenues that have allowed him to express himself and generate something original.

He looks forward to the opportunities clients present to live out their own dreams and ideas. With this never-ending exploration of education and technology, he has been the driving force of the implementation and expanding resource of our digital endeavours. Establishing Decca Design Inc. as one the first firms in the city to convert to the Autodesk 3D platform of Revit has allowed us the ability to help ourselves and more importantly the clients to see their dreams. The ability to take a virtual tour of your future space is invaluable to many individuals that are not able to visualize the end result.

Always eager to bring his depth and years of experience to any project, he is an invaluable member of the Decca Design Inc. team.

Outside of work, Keith continues his creative endeavors by glass blowing and camping in the great outdoors for inspiration.

Those are Keith’s thoughts. “What’s on Your Design Mind?”






Why does Jennifer love design?

Why does Jennifer love design?

The idea of starting a design business was an exciting idea all those years ago. As a child she was constantly exposed to the concepts of design and construction and in awe of the idea that a solution could be communicated and executed in such a way as to bring it to life. Jennifer learned design and building principals from a master: her father. She loves good design that is both beautiful and functional.

The execution of design was a motivation to create excellent systems for both efficiency and efficacy. From the constructive perspective, she could see the pitfalls especially in the chain of communication. Jennifer could envision a better way to assemble the approximately 1500 decisions to assist in the smooth execution of a design. From those challenges was born the Decca Project Exacting Process Checklist.

We enjoy excellent relationships with suppliers and contractors, as well as clients. The business objective was to build a strong, synergistic team consisting of critical thinkers. Throughout the years we have built a supportive, industrious, and ambitious team that consistently identifies and rises to new challenges. She is immensely proud of her team.

Her LEED credentials promote and assist in implementing sustainable, environmentally friendly designs. Jennifer is eagerly anticipating the new directions Decca Design Inc. will discover and establish in the future.

While not at work Jennifer renews her creative spirit by cooking, painting acrylic landscapes and camping in the western foothills. Ike Brown is Jennifer’s dog and the company mascot. A mix breed of Catahoula and Bernese Mountain dog, he is a welcome addition to the team. The office is very pet friendly. He likes long walks in the woods, homemade biscuits and no shortage of petting!

Jennifer is eagerly anticipating the new directions Decca Design Inc. will discover and establish in the future.

We would love to hear from you and “What’s on your Design Mind?”