Commercial Design

Exterior design for a commercial building will focus on the outer shell and exterior appearance of your location. An overall vision that drives your project should also be reflected, when the opportunity presents itself, in the  design.

The objective is to outline the needs and functions of a building and accommodate all services and future needs within the confines of the exterior walls. This stage also addresses how the building will interact with the site, neighbours and local by-law jurisdictions.

Depending on size and scope of work this can be a collaborative effort with other architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and site services.

We offer other key services as part of your design package. Our services are tailored and scalable to meet your individual needs from concept to completion. They include, but are not limited to:

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Our Project Showcase contains a variety of commercial designs that reflect each project’s unique environment, client vision, and budget. Your commercial space will be tailored to your exacting specifications and professional needs.