Could your ordinary dental office be extraordinary?

Are you looking to start an efficient dental practice that reflects your personal style?

Today’s dental office has evolved from a sterile medical location to a comfortable, welcoming environment. We understand how a calming space contributes to a stress-free patient experience.

At the same time, dental spaces demand a high level of detail —

  • electrical,
  • mechanical,
  • plumbing,
  • vacuums,
  • cleaning practices and sterilization,
  • client branded experience
  • durability, and
  • ease of maintenance all need to be taken into consideration.

Your dental office design must adhere to all safety and health codes and still reflect your style and brand.
The sheer number of decisions can be overwhelming. An experienced dental office designer removes that burden by guiding the design process from start to finish.

Our process maps out each step and helps you work through every decision simply and efficiently.
We assist with everything from selection of materials and functional millwork layouts, to tailored furnishings and artwork.

“Great service from start to finish. We felt that everything we wanted was incorporated and the end result is amazing.” ED, Dental Clinic, Calgary, AB