Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment

Interior decorating is the finishing touch to any professional office or space and cannot be forgotten in the budget. These finishing features will be the finishing touches.

Available either as a standalone service — or in conjunction with our architectural design or interior design services — our interior stylizing turns your commercial space into a showpiece.

Selecting the right furniture and furnishings for your space begins with a study of your brand, work style, and overall preferences. We also ensure we design a space for everything by identifying any existing furniture, marketing or decor you already have available.

Our contacts with a wide variety of suppliers and wholesalers help reduce the stress, time and expense of furnishing your commercial space.

Your furniture and furnishings will be scheduled for delivery and installation just as construction is complete. By working on your furniture, furnishing and equipment during the build stage, your new office or retail space is quickly ready for you to open your doors!