Project Management

Project management is the execution stage of a design project. The design decisions are made and now you are ready to decide who will build your home. As part of the original planning team, we have a comprehensive working knowledge of your residential project and can ensure your design dreams are fully executed.

At Decca Design we have the in-house ability to continue the journey with you as a project manager and help you execute your residence. As project managers we will work with you to vet the contractors, to schedule and oversee the trades and be your regular on-site representative to protect your interest and ensure the execution is in line with the design concepts and decisions you have previously made.

Our Exacting Project Control System and design finishing binder contains all of the necessary details to make sure each bid is accurate and complete. This ensures we can evaluate all bids by the same criteria and compare “apples-to-apples.”

By making (and documenting) ALL of the design decisions up front, contractors have the information they need to provide accurate pricing. This in turn means your project will come in on budget.

Project management is a fully transparent process. You see all the quotes and invoices for each trade as the project progresses. There are no hidden fees, credits or extras. You are in the driver seat to control all aspects of your project’s budget and timeline.

What Does Project Management Include?

As Project Manager, we:

  • Collect quotes from and hire qualified trades
  • Order materials, supplies, and millwork in advance, so every phase of the build stays on schedule
  • Review and approve invoices
  • Coordinate all aspects of the build (both on- and off-site), including:applying for permits scheduling inspections quality control
  • Change requests
  • Budgeting
  • WCB and insurance
  • Warranties
  • Occupancy date


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“Thank you for all your contributions from design to project management to finishing our new kitchen for us. It is unique and suits us so well. After all the agonizing over the red counter tops, it really does look fantastic!”

CB, Renovation, Airdrie AB