Your new home isn’t complete until it’s fully furnished and decorated.

Available either as a standalone service — or in conjunction with our residential design or interior design services — our interior decorating turns your home into a showpiece.

Interior stylizing begins with a study of your preferences, tastes, and overall style. If we have previously collaborated on the architectural, interior design and planning, we can build on what we have learnt throughout those phases.

The next step is to ensure there is a space for everything by identifying existing furniture and decor that will be moving with you into your finished home.

Armed with these insights, we then present an overall concept for your home interior furnishings and decor, including sketches, coloured hand renderings, and possibly a colour board.

These reference tools are essential to help source:

  • furniture,
  • equipment,
  • fittings, (bedding, kitchen items, organization)
  • window treatments,
  • artwork, and
  • accessories needed to bring your home to life.

Our contacts with a wide variety of knowledgeable suppliers help reduce the stress, time and expense of furnishing your home.

We can work on your interior decorating during the build stage if it is a new home or at any time you are hoping to update your residence. If it is a new build your furniture and furnishings are scheduled to be delivered and installed just as construction is complete. Your new home is ready for you to enjoy immediately!